Our Vision

As the energy landscape changes across the world, we want to be the face of the renewable energy revolution in Canberra.

At ACT Hybrid Solar Canberra, we want to be the best solar power company not only in Canberra but in Australia with smart solar solutions that

help families save money and use clean energy.


Why Us?

ACT Hybrid Solar Canberra is committed to help families generate clean electricity while maximising their return on investment.

  • Quick Installation

ACT Hybrid Solar Canberra will install the system for you, get it inspected and turned on in 2-3* weeks time from the time a deposit is paid.

If ACT Hybrid Solar Canberra fail to do so, we will compensate our clients by paying any electricity bills that they may get for the period after 3* weeks from deposit up to the connection of the system.

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*provided there are no third party hold ups (actpla & actewagl)

  • 25/5 Year Warranty*

The best warranty in the business

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*All the panels we stock come with at least 25 years linear performance warranty.

ACT Hybrid Solar Canberra provides 5 years workmanship warranty on the installation.

Sun Icon Leasing and Financing options

We partner with industry leaders to get you the best financing options for your solar system weather you prefer a lease or no interest arrangement.

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Sun Icon  Customer Referal Rewards

ACT Hybrid Solar Canberra don’t just want your business, we want your recommendation.

For customers who spread the word, we offer referral rewards.

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Sun Icon  We are Your Neighbours

We work, play and live in Canberra PDF Icon

Sun Icon  We are CEC Approved Retailers

We are continuously raising the bar with quality and our commitment is in black and white now with signing on to become a CEC Approved RetailerPDF Icon

Pay it forward Solar Referrals


Terms and Conditions

*Please read our Terms and Conditions’ carefully.