Pay it forward

Pay it forward Solar Referrals

Referral Rewards!

ACT Hybrid Solar believes in sharing the environmental and financial benefits of solar energy with people in our communities. We want to reward people like you who spread the word about us.

ACT Hybrid Solar will “pay it forward” to anyone who refers us to friends, family members, neighbours and coworkers with a $100 cash reward upon installation.

So, “pay it forward” and we will too!

  How it works

Simply spread the word about the benefits of solar with your friends and family.

If they are interested in learning more, email us at or refer them to ACT Hybrid Solar website’s
Contact Us page so that we can provide them with a no obligations solar consultation.

If the individual you refer decides to go solar with ACT Hybrid Solar, we will mail you a $100 cash card or gift card after their solar system has been installed.