Installation guarantee

ACT Hybrid Solar will install your system within 3* weeks;

  • The 8-week period commences from the time ACT Hybrid Solar has completed the audit on your home and established the suitability for the installation;
    • ACT Hybrid Solar has recieved the deposit
    • AND if required you have signed all the paperwork required by our finance partner.
  • The 8-week period ends once we have installed your system.
    • Once ACT Hybrid Solar installs your system, your local utility must inspect and approve the installation.
    • As ACT Hybrid Solar has no control over the utility, this time period is outside the scope of our guarantee.
    • Utilities can take anywhere from one to three weeks to inspect your system.
  • Your responsibility is to assist ACT Hybrid Solar by promptly signing and returning all required permitting and contract paperwork within a 24-hour period.
    • Please note that delays in receiving paperwork can result in a project delay and this period will be added onto the 3-week timeline.
  • ACT Hybrid Solar will regularly communicate with you on our progress.
    • In the advent that your system is scheduled for installation but inclement weather keeps ACT Hybrid Solar from installing, this period of time will be added onto your 3-week timeline.
  • In the unlikely event that ACT Hybrid Solar does not install your system within 3-weeks;
    • ACT Hybrid Solar will compensate you by paying (upon presentation of your utility bill)
    • by paying any electricity bills that they may get for the period after 3 weeks from receiving deposit up to the connection of the system.