Solar Power Canberra!

Canberra is a unique city in many ways and in terms of renewables, it is at the forefront of a renewable revolution happening all over Australia. The ACT Government has set itself a target of 100% renewable energy by 2020 and we want to be part of this journey with other Canberrans. Canberra Solar Power market has special requirements and more regulations as ACT Government leads the way in championing Solar PV and renewables in general. These regulations and extra safety checks mean that the customers who get Solar in Canberra get a better product, a safer installation and a high quality install. As local Canberrans know, Canberra has set itself a target of being 100% Renewable by 2020 and is well on it’s way to achieve it.

Canberra also gets more hours of sunshine on average than Sydney or Melbourne which makes it ideal for making an investment in solar. From the time of it’s inception in Canberra, ACT Hybrid Solar considers it their responsibility to help Canberra keep it’s title and be a green City.

ACT Hybrid Solar!

ACT Hybrid Solar is a local Solar Power Canberra company and while ACT Hybrid Solar plans to expand into other regions of Australia, it’s head offices will always stay in Canberra and keep adding Solar Panels to Canberra. We have been operating in Canberra market since 2014 and providing not just Solar Panels in Canberra but providing tailored Solar Power Solutions to Canberra customers.
We understand the Canberra Solar Power market. Our experience in the Canberra Solar Power market means that we understand our clients. Canberra residents are highly affluent and quality work is the top requirement from Canberra residents. Being a Renewable Energy Equipment supplier in Canberra for over four years means we know what is required in supplying Solar Panels Canberra. ACT Hybrid Solar is also proud Canberra company and is thankful of the support local residents give the business. We are proud to have installed over 300 Solar Power Systems in Canberra. We have contributed over 1.5 MW of installed Solar Panels in Canberra. We are on track to add many more MWs to Solar Power Canberra. We are here to stay in the Canberra Solar market.

What do ACT Hybrid Solar Offer?

Our inhouse installation team is a close knit team and have a lot of experience in Solar Panels Canberra. As mentioned earlier, ACT Hybrid Solar has over 300 Solar Power Canberra installs in the Canberra region and they understand the customers needs as well. We believe in doing things once and doing them well. Our installers are CEC accredited and with their experience have a special eye for detail.
We offer our customers a number of options when it comes to buying a Solar PV system in Canberra and they include:

  • $0 Upfront payment.
  • Finance options.
  • Cashflow positive leasing options for Commercial Solar.
  • Best Brands of Panels and Inverters.
  • 5 Year’s Standard Workmanship Warranty.
  • 10-12 Year’s Product Warranty on Panels.
  • 25 Year’s Linear Performance Warranty on Panels.
  • 5-25 Year’s Product Warranty on Inverters.