Who we are

ACT Hybrid Solar

We are a locally owned and operated Canberra company with our main office in Mitchell, Canberra. We are dedicated to helping Australians generate clean solar-based electricity, through innovative solutions of on and off grid solar systems to maximize your ROI.

ACT Hybrid Solar has been operating in the Canberra region and surrounding NSW for over 5 years and have experienced very good growth as more and more Canberra homes are switching to Solar. Over the space of last few years, we have grown from a small team to be a mid sized company and now have a good footprint in Canberra.
We aim to spread out to other states in the near future.

ACT Hybrid Solar specialises in providing a customised solution to each customer to fit their solar needs. From Solar Panels to Inverters and Batteries, we have a relationship with all major brands and can source any products for our clients. We supply Premium Tier One brand solar panels like Jinko Solar panels in Canberra. Our Solar Specialists tailor the solution to reduce your bills, save you money and also save the planet.

Our Mission –

Power Up, Bills Down!

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Superior skills in

  • design
  • planning
  • development
  • installation
  • optimization

Corporate values

  • technical excellence
  • quality service
  • safety & value
  • flexibility & adaptability
  • integrity & transparency